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понедељак, 05 јул 2021 10:13

International OPEN Day@WUT Event 2021

The West University of Timișoara, Romania is organizing its first International OPEN Day@WUT on Friday July 9^th , 2021, online.

At this online event, international students from all around the world can discover more information about the academic offer of...

Фондација Темпус позива заинтересоване да се пријаве за виртуелни TCA (Training and Cooperation Activities) догађај под називом ”Connector 6.0”, који организује румунска национална агенција за Еразмус+ програм.

Колеге из Румуније су започеле са организацијом Connector–a још 2014. године, ...

Објављено у Erasmus+
уторак, 08 јун 2021 10:48

International online school of Samara University

Samara National Research University and the International School Department, are glad to offer an Online Summer School 2021 proposal to your university. <

уторак, 25 мај 2021 09:31

The Battle of University Startups

Students of Industrial University of Tyumen are delighted to invite you to participate in the Battle of University Startups!

Students of Industrial University of Tyumen, who are actively involved in project activities and consider themselves to be startuppers, would like to invite of thei...

 Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) is inviting doctoral students and young researchers in social sciences and humanities to an online research internship that will take place on 3-7 May 2021. During the intensive week, you will find out about digital tools for literature search and refe...

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