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International students can stay in hostels or they can opt for private rental accommodation.


Hostels are not as affordable as halls of residence/dormitories, however, for those international students who have not rented an apartment prior to their arrival in Niš, staying at a hostel while looking for a room/flat/house to rent is highly recommended.
There are many hostels in or near the city centre and their prices range from 20 to 25 Euros per bed per night.
Since the University of Niš does not have an actual campus, but the faculties are scattered around the city, in order to choose the hostel close to your faculty, it is best to consult sites such as or

Private Rental Accommodation

Although more expensive, private accommodation is the most convenient yet affordable solution for the majority of students.
The rent for a studio is  250  Euros per month, whereas a bigger flat may cost between 300 and 350 Euros. The rent does not include utilities (heating, electricity, cable TV, the Internet, water, garbage disposal, etc.), which range from 30 to 150 EUR per month, depending primarily on the size of the flat, the type of heating and the number of occupants).
Find more information here:

Halls Of Residence/Dormitories

Unfortunately, international students cannot stay in halls of residence/dormitories in Niš.