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Gender equality at the University of Niš

The University clearly expresses its commitment to the principles of gender equality through its commitments within the Mission and Vision of the University in the part related to gender equality.


  • Achieving the strategic goal of inclusion in the European Educational and Research Area in accordance with the highest standards of quality of education, scientific research and professional work.
  • Creating and maintaining an environment of equal opportunities and a culture of equality and inclusiveness during studies and work.
  • Commitment to gender equality in order to create a gender-responsible organizational environment for its students, academic, administrative and support staff through the integration of gender into the functions of the University, in order to achieve gender equality and women empowerment.


  • Socially responsible university that applies academic principles and values ​​in the realization of its basic functions of education and research.
  • University with a pronounced social and non-discriminatory dimension of attitudes towards students and academic staff.
  • Modern and recognizable gender-sensitive university where essential gender equality is achieved.

Gender Equality Plan to 2025

Decision on the adoption of the Gender Equality Plan to 2025