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Marie Skłodowska - Curie Individual Fellows


The Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) is looking to host talented and ambitious postdocs as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellows (MSCA-IF). You can find information about the 150 host offers of UCM research groups in the following website: UCM's Host Offers <>

What are the MSCA Individual Fellowships?

MSCA Individual Fellowships are designed to help researchers to launch successful academic careers. Enjoying a MSCA fellowship at UCM will allow you to gain research experience, develop research independence and maturity, improve your professional skills and make grow your international profile and network. You will also live in a dynamic, vibrant and multi-cultural European capital city with salary conditions very competitive in relation to the average cost of living <> in Madrid (gross salary of about € 50,000).

An attractive feature of MSCA-IF is the flexibility of the European Commission (EC) in fixing the start date of funded projects. If necessary, this date could be delayed up to 18 months after the signing of the Grant Agreement. In the current call (2019), it would mean that projects could delay until mid 2021. The fellows be able to optimize the end date of other research contracts through this possibility.

<>

Host institution

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) as host institution, through its European Liaison Office, will provide support to applicants throughout the proposal preparation process:

1. A complete "Step by Step" guide with all the materials necessary
(e.g. Institutional information, handbooks on “How to Write a
Successful Application to the MSCA Program”, etc.) to achieve a
competitive proposal.
2. Support in the application process (e.g. submitting, drafting, etc.)
and deep review of the proposal by experienced advisors.
3. Mediation between the applicants and other services of the UCM (e.g.
Technology Transfer Office, Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit,
Entrepreneurship service, etc.).
4. Advising about career development issues, in particular, about those
related to the existing opportunities to get funded beyond the
IF-MSCA Project.

Furthermore, the European Liaison Office acting as a Local Contact Point of the EURAXESS network will assist the funded candidates on any issue related to her/his mobility.

<>

Are you interested in applying for IF-MSCA?

We are looking for ambitious, creative and scientifically curious early career researchers who meet the MSCA-IF eligibility criteria <>. You must have a strong track record commensurate to your research experience, a clear idea of what you will achieve during your fellowship and a reflexive understanding of your career development needs.

If you are ready to take the next step in your research career look into our university's host offers and find the one that best suits yours interests. Once you have it, contact directly with the corresponding Scientific Supervisor to send him/her your candidature.

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