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Current list of international academic and administrative contact persons at the university and individual faculties.

Dubravka PaligorićInternational Relations Officer

University of Niš  Academic Administrative

Prof. Vesna Lopičić, PhD
Vice-rector for International Relations

Prof. Ivica Manić, PhD
ERASMUS+ Institutional Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Miroslav Milovanović
ERASMUS+ Institutional Coordinator

Dubravka Paligorić
International Relations Officer
Nataša Nikolić
International Relations Officer
Nevena Mitić
International Relations Officer
Office phone number: +38118257093

The majority of faculties have International Officers who can assist international students with various academic and non-academic issues (enrolment, choosing courses, signing up for exams, residence registration, obtaining a temporary residence permit, etc.):

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Ljiljana Jevremović

Faculty of Economics

Prof. Marija Džunić, PhD

Ivana Randjelović

Faculty of Electronic Engineering

Prof. Nenad Cvetković, PhD

Nikola Mihajlović

Faculty of Arts

Prof. Katarina Đorđević, MA for the Arts Department

Prof. Jovan Bogosavljević, MA

Faculty of Agriculture

Prof. Dragan Terzić, PhD

Katarina Milosavljević

Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Gordana Kocić, PhD Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies

Bojana Marjanović

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Vladislav Blagojević, PhD

Marija Tasić

Faculty of Law

Prof. Dejan Vučetić, PhD

Vladimir Blagojević

Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics

Prof. Milan Zlatanović, PhD

Danica Dobrosavljević

Faculty of Occupational Safety

 Prof. Predrag Niketić, PhD

Aleksandra Petković

Faculty of Sport and Physical Education

Prof. Bojan Jorgić, PhD

Miljana Kostić Đorđević

Faculty of Philosophy

Prof. Ivan Jovanović, PhD

Vesnica Krtolica

Faculty of Technology in Leskovac

Prof. Dragan Cvetković, PhD

Ana Nikolić

Faculty of Pedagogy in Vranje

Prof. Milica Ristić, PhD

Igor Mitić


University of Niš is a part of national EURAXESS network and it hosts a Service Centre for mobile researchers .
Check out Serbian EURAXESS portal to find more information for incoming researchers to Serbia.