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петак, 05 мај 2023 09:05

Најава предавања професора др Ива Попиванова

Професор др Иво Попиванов са Новог бугарског Универзитета борави у посети Центру за когнитивне науке Универзитета у Нишу. Тим поводом проф. Попиванов ће одржати два предавања на Универзитету у Нишу, у уторак, 9. маја и четвртак, 11. маја. Оба предавања ће почети у 18 сати у сали број 8, у приземљу зграде Универзитета.

Теме предавања су:

  • "Differentiating faces from objects. A pilot electrophysiological study"

Faces are special stimuli which convey a plenty of nonverbal information. Our brain is able to detect them and to discriminate them from other objects we see in a fraction of a second. This is an effortless process which depends mainly on the network in the ventral visual stream, including face-selective areas such as the Fusiform Face Area (FFA). Previous electrophysiological studies focussed on the timing of face recognition process and found evoked neural activity at about 170ms and 240ms after the appearance of a face. During this talk I will present some pilot data which replicates and validates these previous findings in an experiment performed in the newly reestablished EEG lab of NBU.

  •   "Test Your Memory - A self-administered instrument for cognitive screening in elderly people"

Cognitive decline in elderly people is a fast growing issue, as about 7% of the population of people above 65 suffer from some kind of dementia. Early diagnosis, including neuropsychological testing of cognitive functions, is a key to starting anti-dementia treatment in time. Along with the gold standards for cognitive screening methods, such as Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) and Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) batteries, which are rater-based, there are plenty of self-administered methods. During this talk I am going to present the attempt to adapt into Bulgarian one such self-administered cognitive screening method - Test Your Memory (TYM).

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